Conferences, seminars & meetings

Everyone is under pressure and time away from the office must be time well spent. We can set up and manage your seminar, symposium or meeting to ensure you and your colleagues share your expertise productively.

Looking for a speaker, a chairman or a facilitator? It’s one thing to know a subject inside out, it is quite another to communicate it. And the role of the chairman to ensure a smooth flow of a discussion cannot be underestimated.

We’ll be happy to recommend the right people.

“Working with Elaine to communicate our research helped us to support the vital dialogue between academics and the general public, but also benefited our work in unexpected ways.  As a direct result of speaking in Elaine’s symposium “Lab Science and Real Lives”, I received a significant private donation to help fund our future research, and a commission to write an article for the top neuroscience journal. Elaine is clearly skilled at putting together the right people in the right place at the right time”.

Dr Peter J. Magill, Medical Research Council & University of Oxford

“The event on the traumatised brain at the Royal Institution was a real highlight, and this was in large part thanks to Elaine’s outstanding moderation. Her experience of communication, her knowledge of and passion for science, and her generosity all combine to generate the most exciting dialogues.”

Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach, University College London


  • FENS 2020 Virtual Forum of Neuroscience – set up and managed a virtual Press Centre for one of the first major online conferences (during COVID)
  • Human Brain Organoids: the science, the ethics – symposium at Oxford University for the International Neuroethics Society
  • Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents – symposium at the British Neuroscience Association Festival of Neuroscience
  • A neuroscience summit with leaders and policy makers to discuss national brain research strategy
  • Seminars at Imperial College for students on topics such as pharmacology, research funding, public outreach and speaking at conferences
  • A conference with the New York Academy of Sciences on animal research and the development of medicines
  • ‘How to Succeed in Science,’ a national symposium on career opportunities for young scientists at Imperial College