Science and medicine is in the news every day, but how do you get your message across? Can you be confident that you will be reported accurately? Are you prepared for a radio interview?

At Snell Communications we can help.

We promote the latest research emerging from laboratories and draw attention to important issues through the media. We identify the right medium for the message you want to convey. We produce and distribute press materials, organise press conferences and arrange interviews, liaising with you and the journalists throughout.

So, whether you want us to set up a dedicated press office at your international conference in the UK or overseas, manage a press campaign or advise you on what makes news (and what does not), we would be pleased to talk to you.

“I have covered a number of major scientific conferences where the Press Office has been run by Snell Communications. The offices are always well-equipped and efficiently organised, and the staff running them are friendly and helpful to a fault. It has always been a pleasure to work with them.”

Laura Spinney freelance science journalist, Switzerland

Many thanks for the great press work at the FENS conference. I have rarely experienced such a well organized press center with so many events as in July in Berlin.

Dr Anna von Hopffgarten, Editor, Gehirn&Geist


  • The Forum of European Neuroscience attracts more than 6500 neuroscientists. Snell Communications has run the Press Office since 2000, bringing in journalists from around the world.

  • Each year, the Lundbeck Foundation awards the world’s most valuable prize for brain research. Snell Communications publicised the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Brain Prizes.

Press conferences, press releases and media interviews generate international media coverage in print, broadcast and social media.