Events & launches

The overwhelmingly good thing about an event is that it is live! Science and medicine can be presented in so many imaginative ways, from debates on serious topics, to art and drama.

We plan public programmes that bring experts and the public together for a discussion, or actors create a scenario that makes research come alive. These occasions give people the chance to find out about new developments. And just as importantly, the experts find out what the public thinks!

Do you have a report or a book, a new building or group to launch? Working with you we will produce a memorable event – a reception, a dinner, or a panel discussion – to get it off to a good start.

“In my experience, if an event has Elaine Snell’s name along side it, it will be both well-organised and imaginatively constructed.”

Quentin Cooper, BBC presenter

“Elaine handled my book launch with such grace and equanimity despite many setbacks and constraints, and dealt with a diverse and eclectic mix of collaborators and helpers. The event was a great success as well as being enjoyable. Elaine was an unobtrusive and yet masterful ringmaster, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly. I felt in safe and capable hands right through it all, and her encouragement, support and enthusiasm sustained us all. Thank you Elaine!

Anoma Wijewardine, artist



Identified speakers for webinars on the science of light 

for Phos, architectural lighting designers and engineers

Book launch event at Central St Martin’s School of Art
for Anoma Wijewardine, Sri Lanka

The Brain Prize Lectures at the Royal Institution and the Royal Society
for the Lundbeckfonden

The Traumatised Brain at the Royal Institution, London
for Scars of War charity

Smart Drugs at the Museum of Natural History, Oxford
for the International Neuroethics Society

Shackleton Legacy
for Tim Jarvis, Antarctic Explorer

Participation: sport, science and the mind
for the Wellcome Collection

On Balance
for Film & Video Umbrella

Brain Evolution
for the British Neuroscience Association and Imperial College London

The Magic of Medicine
for Imperial College London and the British Pharmacological Society

HPV and our Daughter’s Sexual Health
for the British Society for Immunology

School of Public Health
launch for Imperial College, London