Ethical issues

The newly emerging field of ‘neuroethics’ explores the ethical, social and legal impact of developments in brain research. For example, the potential use of brain imaging to read someone’s mind, or brain-boosting drugs to enhance memory. The dialogue between the public, doctors, scientists and other professional groups is key to shaping policy. We have organised and managed discussions, launches, events and debates on a range of issues, from the ethics of healthcare research in developing countries to stem cell research.

Let us help you define the issues and frame your arguments.

“Another great year for neuroethics that you helped to make happen.”

Professor Judy Illes University of British Columbia Canada


Elaine Snell is the Chief Operating Officer for the International Neuroethics Society. The INS encourages research and discussion on the responsible use of development in brain science.

Theatre of Debate produces plays about controversies in medicine and science that young people may have to make life decisions about one day.  The plays, followed by debates, tour UK schools.  Elaine has been involved in several of their productions.