What’s your news, and who should know?

The demand for the latest developments in science, medicine and health, and the competition for research funds highlight the importance of communicating information appropriately to the public, the media and your peers. At Snell Communications we have the expertise that has helped many academic, research and charitable organisations in the UK, the US and Europe communicate clearly and effectively.

Inter-disciplinary work is often difficult to communicate, and Elaine Snell’s enthusiastic professionalism was extremely helpful  in bringing my research group’s outputs  to a diverse array of general,  biomedical and humanities audiences, in academic, industrial and charitable sectors. Her expertise and experience would benefit any researcher trying to  develop  and deliver effective  public engagement programmes.

Professor Tilli Tansey, Queen Mary University of London.

How we can help you

The public’s interest in science and medicine, as well as the competition for funds, mean that ‘plain speaking’ is more important than ever. Our expertise lies in translating complex ideas and research into language that anyone can understand. Whether you want to capture people’s imagination, manage controversy, or debate an issue with your peers, we can advise you on the most effective ways to deliver your message. We will arrange meetings and events for your colleagues: a VIP reception, or a seminar for a group of experts, for example. Working closely with you, we will give you the personal attention and commitment your project demands. Every project is individual and so each is tailored accordingly, giving you the flexibility you need to help you achieve your goals.

Some of the people we’ve worked with...

About us

Snell Communications is a small, independent company, specialising in promoting science, medicine and health. We take on a wide range of projects mainly for academic societies, universities and charities. The company was established in 1996 by Elaine Snell, building on the experience she gained in managing public relations for the British Heart Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. We bring together a team so that you have the right people with the right experience working on your project.

As well as consultancy work, Elaine Snell was also Chief Executive of the British Neuroscience Association, Media Relations Manager for the Francis Crick Institute, Research Programme Manager at Imperial College London and Chief Operating Officer for the International Neuroethics Society.

Anyone who wants to raise the profile of their research group or draw attention to a particular agenda would be hard pressed to find someone better than Elaine Snell in making this happen.

Professor Bruce Hood, Bristol University, UK